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Chinese New Year 2019 Celebrate Now

This Chinese New Year 2019 Called the year of the Pig. It is celebrated on the 5th of February on Tuesday

China’s new year is also called the ‘Spring Festival’ and ‘Launcher New Year’ because it comes to spring and Chinese moon is based on the calendar. History flow from a western perspective, but also comes in January or February.

One of the 12 Chinese sugarcanes is named as ‘every year’, with animals having the characteristics of this year and all its creatures.

China’s new year is the most important festival for China’s population. It has been celebrated for more than a year – there are many abilities, and the tradition of Chinese culture has many effects. For many people, it is a religious holiday that is full of prayers, sacrifices and other acts of worship.

In Malaysia, in other places, people are ready for the  Chinese new year (2019). The houses have been cleared before clearing ‘any unfortunate exit’. But for the fear of coming to the ‘New Year’s Day’, the new ones are hiding the new year. when is the Chinese new year 2019.

When is Chinese new year over:

The Chinese New Year celebration, which is also known as Spring Festival, begins on 23rd day of China’s 12th lunar month in China. This festival remains in China for about 23 days of the end of the first fourteen months of the last 15 days in the following year.

Chinese New Year Preparation:

Chinese New Year 2019

The Chinese New Year is actually celebrated for 15 days, but the first three days are the most important. The 15th and final day, Prash Mei is also a great event where the house is decorated mostly in bright light. Instead of spreading slowly instead of festivals, there is a way to end with a final.

At the beginning of the new year, on the first day, the family is only held food and income. In the next days, many people will invite friends and eat strangers with them. This ‘open house’ policy is also practiced during other Malaysian holidays and is attended by large public Chinese nine-year parties on the Malaysian community halls. Invitation party should not be difficult. Chinese national holidays 2019.

Other Chinese New Year traditions include: ‘Yog Sang,’ Vegetable Fish dishes, with cooking high pieces in the air, cooking. ‘Dolly’, known as famous lines, makes Chinese poetry hanging; Being on cards playing in Lion and Dragons dance, conditions are minor for so long; small red gifts give money in pro packages; and fireworks display The company, among which, is the largest in the Chinese districts of Kuala Lumpur and cities in large Chinese population.

Chinese New Year 2019

Everyone’s celebrating the Chinese 2019 New Year almost all over the world. As we hang on a clean house and a new year’s decor, we are ready for our next year with our whole heart. We open our doors to our families and friends, we pull our tables with traditional meals, and we look at heaven to walk fireworks. We want you all the prosperity and good fortune as we have given honor to heaven, earth, gods, and our ancestors. Greetings to your beloved ones with new year’s prices, wishes and greeting cards

Chinese New Year Decorations 2019:

The decoration plays a big role. Every year a few weeks before the celebration, roads will be decorated beautifully with lanes of every size, Chinese houses decorated with beautiful Cherry Blooms, cat gazes, and hand-painted pairing puzzles. (China public holidays 2019) It is a time filled with great pleasure and encouragement because China welcomes new year. These decorations are kept every year and most families keep them in the house even after celebrating them in good fortune and prosperity throughout the year. Chinese Decorations.

Learn how to decorate on Chinese New Year:

Sticky Cake:

Chinese New Year 2019

A sticky cake is also known as ‘Nian go’ which means ‘year cake’ is translated. As the name suggests, the cake is sticky because it is made of greasy rice flour, gray sugar, and oil. ‘Guy’, the word ‘tall or high’, means that it will get a new height and comes in business or life in the coming year. Some people steamed these sticky cakes with bad seeds or red dates because dates are known to bring about the early prosperity. This cake contains a symbol of sweetness and sweets of life and the shape of the round is the essence of sugar wings. Couplets:Couples are traditionally important for Chinese. They are rhyme rows written generally by hand and printed in Chinese homes or sometimes internally. This pair is usually written on red paper with red or black ink, and a few days before China’s new year, the way to help children is to write the apostles. However, these days couples are placed to show hopeful ideas for couples. And good advice for the new year.

Chinese Dragon Dances:

Chinese New Year 2019 dragon dance

In the Western world, dragon princesses are known as a big, fire-breathing animal, consumes people by destroying their homes. However, it is not right for Chinese people. For them, the dragon is legendary animals who are helpful and friendly. He brings intellectuals, good luck, wealth and prosperity. The Chinese 2019 new year animal.

The dragon knows special features and powers that enable them to fly in the air, walks in the ocean and runs on the ground. People who have dangers dance are traditions and therefore every year in China’s new year sees this dragon also sees houses, condoms and siege shopping shops.

Dragons used in dragon dance are dressed, held and elevated by a pole, and walks up to hundred meters of its dragons. It is said that the dragon will be reduced by a dragon for a long time. Generally, there will be a man who works as a head. And as a head, he enters a dragon using a pole and follows the dragon who wants wisdom in his sight.

Sometimes the dragon is eye-like or animated skin-like tactical device-like eye-eye device. The artistic dance team and rhythm music combined with a neutral dragon come in life.

Dragon sugar is performed to overcome evil spirits during the Chinese New Year and can be done in the day or night to bring good luck and prosperity for the next year. Dragons vary according to the creation of dance and dragon pattern team.

However, each dance pattern means the meaning and some examples of dance patterns are ‘themes money’, ‘search pearl’, and ‘wallarpool’. These patterns are formed together, where the dragon is involved in spiraling for body-like movement.

Dragon Dance on Chinese New Year: Watch Now


A lantern is one of the main indicators of China’s new Chinese chain. The idea of Lantern is to be animated and pleasant because the entire moon appears in the sky. So China’s New Year is also known as 15 days, Lincoln Festival will collect Chinese cats for colorful red. Take in the night. A lantern was once used as a light source, but today, people are the lights that have lamp colors or decorative objects for their admission. They come in size, size, and color. However, usually red round lanterns that you can now see almost everywhere in China’s new year.

Chinese New Year Food:

Chinese New Year 2019 Food

Chinese reunion dinner is one of the most important elements during the Lunar New Year. The reunion dinner on New Year’s Eve is a time for families to gather in a luxury meal full of noise and laughter. traditional Chinese new year food. Food and Recipes

Food plays an indispensable role for the Chinese and most Malaysians. Therefore, during the reunion dinner, people can see a variety of dishes on the table, including the famous Yisheng, fried leeks, and sticks.

Yee Sang:

Yee Sang is a traditional dish that includes sliced pickled vegetables, sashimi (usually squid), other seasonings and ground spices such as ground peanuts. This dish is also known Chaozhou-style raw fish salad. The most popular practice is that everyone gathers at the table to throw the ingredients in the air into the air, and thank them for their hopes and joys of the coming year. The meaning of tossing symbolizes the increase in prosperity, prosperity and all good things. Some people think that the higher the salad you throw, the better things you will happen.


Chinese New Year 2019 Foods

The vegetables in Cantonese are ‘choy’ and rhyme with ‘wealth’. Therefore, fresh vegetables are very important to the Chinese, especially during the festival. Amaranth, or Cantonese ‘sun’ and ‘count and plan’ rhymes. It is one of the most popular and essential vegetables in the Chinese New Year because the ability to calculate and plan is very important for Chinese people who are known for their good business skills and judgment.

“The Tray of Togetherness”

The preserved kumquat, coconut, longan, red melon seeds, lotus seeds, and peanuts are some of the sweets that make up the ‘common tray’. Pallets usually have 8 compartments because 8 is a symbolic figure representing prosperity. Therefore, 8 candy are server or presented as a gift. These sweets represent all the good things: the prosperous kumquats, the happy red melon seeds, the coconut solidarity, and the sweets, for the sweet and rich life of the coming year. If you are not the house you visit, you will see the ‘Unity Tray’ in most houses.

The Most important thing during the Chinese new year is that “Travel and Events” without this the Chinese new year is incomplete are you can say that in simple words “Not more enjoyable as you expected” On next day after the new year there is a holiday which is for to enjoy more in Chinese New Year for this “The Travel & Events” is more suitable.

Travel And Events:

Chinese New Year 2019

In the days before the Lunar New Year, you may experience traffic congestion. Many people are going from the big cities to the village to celebrate the New Year with their families, and many others are heading to the upcoming celebrations. However, on New Year’s Day, the streets are very quiet. Businesses have basically closed down, and all the noisy celebrations have been carried out in private homes and cannot be heard. New year 2019 events..

If you visit Malaysia during the Lunar New Year celebrations, you will definitely find many events to attend. The three you might want to consider are as follows:

Visit Penang Island, the first place in the Malaysian Lunar New Year. In the main city of Georgetown on the island, you can admire many ornate temples, including the famous tourist magnet “Kek Lok Si Temple”. At this time of the year, make sure you stay up late into the night, just like many locals, look at Georgetown every night with hundreds of lights lit up.

New Year 2019 Chinese Event:

Chinese New Year 2019

See Chinatown in Kuala Lumpur. On Petaling Street, there are many temples for devout people to pray for the blessings of the New Year. There are lion dances on the street and fireworks on the top. In the first three days of the Lunar New Year, more lion dances can be seen in the nearby shopping malls, and the exquisite decoration in the mall is also worth a look. Many smaller stores will be closed, so owners can visit their relatives for a few days, but after that, they will also be open. Lunar New Year Festivals.

Experience an adventure on the Kinabatangan River Cruise in Sabah, East Malaysia. This will definitely make you change the rhythm and some memories that will last a lifetime. The river runs through 335 miles across Sabah, and along the way you can see exotic wildlife on its shores. During the day, look for pygmy elephants, probosci’s monkeys, and saltwater crocodiles. In the evening, with the help of the lights, you can catch a leopard cat, wild jungle pigs, and tropical birds asleep on the branches.

Visiting Malaysia is always a fun and fun experience, but visiting during the Lunar New Year makes it even more memorable. Most states in Malaysia offer two official public holidays two days before the Lunar New Year, but Kelantan and Terengganu only offer holidays on the first day.

Chinese New Year school holidays:

Chinese New Year 2019 School holidays

Happy New Year! Always welcome the new morning with the new spirit, smile on your face, love in your heart and good thoughts in your mind.

Always come on your way. Be smart and whether you are. Yearly satisfaction and celebration of happiness. The Chinese new year celebration of 2019!

Happy new year, I wish you healthy and lasting happiness.

With the passage of every passing, we have to spend the new year with a bright, more colorful and more happier future. Happy New Year in Chinese!

Chinese New Year Zodiac

Chinese New Year 2019

When the night bell rings tonight, then indicate these new and better things for you, all of these things indicate what you want, let’s have a very happy year for you a year’s courage and Indicate the wisdom. Happy Chinese New Year!

I give you new good wishes for brands. Please accept them as a new one
Our permanent friendship is remembered. Happy New Year in Chinese 2019!

Hopefully, the day is full of happiness and prosperity ahead. 2019 Chinese Zodiac element!

Hopefully, the rising sun will bring happiness, prosperity, and fortune to you. New year Chinese.

The new year can take pleasure in your life that never fades, hopefully never dies, and never wastes power. You are very happy for the Chinese New Year.

As you take steps in China’s new year, you may be able to keep the blessings of God through your limits and help you with your weaknesses. Chinese New Year Clothes.

Pig Chinese zodiac personality:

Ebola, flexible, soft, hopeful. Most people born in Chinese acne pigs are a genital and collective personality and do not harm others. They often have unique behavior and stand among their peers. Symptoms of person born under the trait of pig are happy, easy, honest, confident, educated, sincerely and brave. The pig is contrary to potential black sides of humans, nano, more balanced, self-sufficiency, anger and materialization. They are sometimes considered slower.

Chinese New Year Holiday 2019:

Chinese New Year 2019 School holidays

Know more about School holidays on China’s New Year.

Everything in this card will be beautiful and nice. I sincerely want your happiness, prosperity and success is your desire. Tet holiday 2019!

As the new Sun increases in brand new, it can help you bring lucky, prosperous, joy and satisfaction.

As soon as you get a new year in light, lanterns and other forms of bloom, you might start a new year in new hopes, dreams, and wishes.

A year with a set of hopes and desires has passed. Another year comes in a new opportunity to relive your dreams and realize your goals.

An everyday new year is like a book page – powerful lessons and adventures, make memories of remembering you all over the world. Happy New Year in Chinese!

It can be a new year, prosperity and peace sometimes never leave your home and listen.

The Chinese new year 2019 animal Year of The Pig

Chinese New Year 2019

New Year Welcome to fragrance to leave you all things and to act righteously.

This lunar new year can keep your life in the new moon for the maximum variety of different steps. Chinese New Year dress.

May this lunar new year rewarded you with many hopes.

My charming wishes are with Chinese and new members of you and your family members. When is lunar new year 2019.

This new year, do not live in the past because it can affect you; it will not only make you worry for the future. Just stay for the only time to bring you peace. 2019 Year of the Pig.

This new year might be pleasant to you as a beautiful song.

Here you have a new year’s desire, not only worth it but with wonderful memories.

lunar New Year 2019

Lunar New Year 2019

If you do not have an account yet, register now! You have already been wrong about this blog. Remember that you are lucky unless you are moving things.

Every moment of the new year, you can take a new and better direction to fully improve your life. Chinese new year eve.

This Chinese new year is full of faith, hope, and love, and even those of them can love to love their own life by extravagance.

May you always surround the sun in this 2019 Chinese New Year.

Bring your courage to burn your decisions early in the year! My own plan is the type of virtue, so that I may fall by falling. New Year 2019 Date!

It is a pleasure that you enjoy good health throughout the year.

Here you have the desire of health, wealth and happiness in this lunar new year. 2019!

Here you have the desire to rejoice in this lunar new year.

This new year is the best and beautiful one for you.

Chinese New Year 2019

Successfully discover new roads as you step in the second great Chinese year.

Lucky, good health, prosperity and happy because of a Chinese New Year !

Hopefully, you are meeting a successful success at every step in China’s new year.

This new year is the fact that Lady Luck blesses only those who are happy and hopeful. Chinese New Year in Chinese.

In this lunar new year, lucky and good fortune must always be with you. Enjoy the day because this is a New Year 2019!

Welcome to a Chinese New year and another opportunity for us to get its right.

New year 2019 date Celebration:

We will open the book. Its pages are empty. We will put words on them. Chinese New Year have a Book calles the opportunity.

Perhaps your day is bright as a diamond, maybe your friends are as good as gold, maybe your heart is to be green as a mixture, Above all keep your soul pure as pearls.

May you get flood with full of gifts and prosperity in addition you get peace and love.

The new sun increases in the new year as you bring lucky, prosperous, joy and satisfaction.

This new year is the best for you and your loved ones as you bring.

The new year can be cheerful as a cherry floral in the stolen trees. After that It’s a New Year 2019 .

New Year 2019 Greetings Chinese:

Chinese New Year 2019

New Year blesses you to leave everything and embrace everything that is good.

This moon keeps your life as a different kind of moon in the lunar new year.

Pleasure, exploitation, long lifetime.

Good luck and good fortune in this lunar new year are always with you.

Good health, good luck and lots of happiness throughout the year, As a result, you will get peace because of the New Year.

Happy Chinese New Year! Always welcome the new morning with the new morning, a smile on your face, love your heart and good thoughts in your mind.

Here you have a new year’s desire, not only worth but also with wonderful memories. Chinese new year pig.

The Chinese new year 2019 year of the pig

Chinese New Year 2019

If you do not mind, please contact us at the bottom of the box. Remember that you are lucky as long as you are moving things.

At the moment of the lunar new year, you can take a new and better direction to improve your life. Chinese new year in 2019.

This new year is full of faith, hope, and love, and even to love them to fill their life cups to overcome them. Chinese pig.

‘Days are too busy? Hours are too low? Are you too fast? But I always take time … Happy Chinese New Year …’

Happy New Year! Today, 2 people ask me about you. I have given you details and contact. They will be 4 soon. Their names are Mr. HAPPINESS and Ms. LUCK.

This new year, do not stay in the past because it can affect you; it will make you worry only for the sake of the future, just for the moment that brings you peace alone. Lantern festival 2019.

Life is like a book, every day is a new page, tells the adventures, it is worth remembering the stories to learn and remember to learn.

‘With every passing moment, we have to go a new lunar year with a bright, colorful and happy future. Color of the year 2019!

God never takes you every moment of your life to love, care, guide and bless your families.

Yesterday is a memory, today is a gift, tomorrow is a hope. Come, start a new year with faith, love, and peace.

Chinese New Year 2019 Greetings:

It’s a new year! You have been for a long time to come to happiness, prosperity and security year.

Happy 2019 Chinese New Year! A New Year, a New Beginning, a New Chapter, a New Lesson, Forget about the bad and Cherish the good because this is a New Year.

Please accept my new year wishes for a lunar new year and I hope you enjoy good health.

I give you an endless brand – new good wishes. Please accept them as a new reminder of our permanent friendship.

Everything in this card can be beautiful and the best. I sincerely want your happiness, prosperity, and success.

Chinese Zodiac 2019:

Chinese Zodiac 2019

This lunar new year is the courage to move without hesitation without feeling all your dreams and desires. Chinese Zodiac 2019 baby.

Hopefully, the day is full of happiness and prosperity ahead. Chinese new years 2019.

With each passing moment, we have to spend the new year with a bright, more colorful and more happier future. After that, we will get a peaceful life.

The new life brings happiness in your life that never dies, after that, it never wastes power. Pig Chinese zodiac personality. Valentines Day 2019

New Year bless you well for all reasons and to do righteous deeds because of the Chinese new year china!

Always come on your way. Be smart and whether you are. A focus to bring the year of satisfaction and pleasure by the year because of this new year. Vietnam holidays 2019! The Chinese 2019 new year calendar.

As soon as you get a new year in light, lanterns and other forms of bloom, you might start a new year in new hopes, dreams, and wishes.

May you always get the way of life together with the blessings of elders, good friends who are full of joy and success! The happy Chinese year 2019.

Happy New Year in Chinese 2019 Wishes: